The Light Burns Blue

Written by Silva Semerciyan

Directed by Jen Dewsbury

This play is based on a true story.
During the First World War, 17 year old Elsie Wright fools the world into    believing she has photographed fairies in her garden. An ambitious young reporter seeks to expose Elsie as a fraud. But as she looks at the facts, she begins to think there’s more to Elsie’s story than a simple hoax.

My plan is to have a chorus of ‘elementals’ (fairies, sprites, imps, etc.) on stage all of the time (think a Midsummer Night’s dream) who will play all of the ‘extras’, of which there are many. (Before you dismiss ‘faeries’, please do some research – their image changes through the ages).


I am looking for actors who are unafraid of character work and can play varied roles with the help of an item  of costume, a change of physicality and voice.

Jen x

this amateur production of "The Light Burns Bluee" is presented by special arrangement with Nick Hern Books.
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