Open Stagers Weekday Workshops                              


Aimed at the over 55s, these workshops are intended to offer an experience of most aspects of theatre - both in theory and practice. 

We work on vocal development, improvisation, getting to grips with a variety of texts as well as a variety of performance projects.

If you've ever fancied trying out acting come along and join us.
Benefits include increased confidence, enhanced social life and all round general fitness!

Term Dates

10.30am - 12.30pm, Thursdays
21st September - 30th November, 2017

£6.00 per session, including refreshment.

 Comments from previous participants include - 
'...a very creative experience...'
'...two hours just for me!'
'...I have gained more confidence and am not so worried about speaking out in front of a group...'
'...lots of laughs in a group of lively people...''

'When Helen Joined the Open Stagers...'   Click here to listen